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I am so excited that you are here! This is your space for finding healing practices to guide you to where you want to be. Back to loving your life.

The courses I’ve created, I’ve created for you. This is where you get to rediscover how to feel at home in your own skin. You will learn healing practices that you can use whenever you need – to get you healthy, to keep you healthy. And most importantly, to have you feeling great.


Discover what our clients have shared about their experience collaborating with us

I appreciate Dr. Kerstin’s holistic approach to health care and her availability, it is easy to reach her with any concerns or questions. Dr. Kerstin is able to identify what nutritional support my body needs, through nutrition response testing.

Melissa Y.
Dr. K takes the time to understand what issues the patient has. Her adjustments are gentle yet effective. She wants the whole body to be aligned, not just one “trouble” area. She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and continues to do research on the supplements she provides. I know Dr. K wants my body to function properly and she helps me get there.

Sharon B.

We love that the focus at Health Unlimited is on helping the body to heal itself, rather than taking excessive supplements. Dr Kerstin is very knowledgeable and her European background gives her a depth of awareness of health, herbs, nutrition, various kinds of therapy and how to apply them to our current health struggles. Thank you so much!!

Hank P.

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Toxins to Avoid
Toxins to Avoid

One of the most impactful issues for your health are toxins. I have many conversations about how sneaky and widespread these toxins are.

Beyond Eat This
How Many Capsules?

When it comes to supplements, there are several factors to consider. We’ve talked about several of them before.

Beyond Eat This
Beyond “Eat This”

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, isn’t there? I mean, people have healed by eating a carnivore diet. And people have healed eating a vegan diet.

Your Daily Aspirin
Your Daily Aspirin

There’s a little, pervasive belief that I keep crossing paths with that really needs to end. Ok, there are many of those, but in this case I’m talking about daily low dose aspirin.

The Importance of Cholesterol
Beyond Cholesterol

The major reason medical doctor’s hunt after cholesterol is because of the myth that cholesterol is the bad guy causing atherosclerotic plaque.

The Importance of Cholesterol
The Importance of Cholesterol

When you hear “cholesterol,” what do you think? The topic of cholesterol is so severely misunderstood, it’s to the point of dangerous.

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Healing your body inside and out

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything already? That nothing works for you? Dr. K knows first hand how tricky health can be. It can be that you are eating foods that are dubbed healthy, but just aren’t for you. You could be taking supplements to get healthy, but not all are created equal. What if you really have figured out those aspects for your body, but you’re still not achieving your health goals.. did you know there are toxins in your home – every home – that can make you sick? This does not need to overwhelm you. We can help you navigate all of this.

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